Decorate and create with Swarovski Crystal

Here are some ideas and products from Swarovski that will allow you to create your unique space, adding that sparkle and shine you can only get from the best.

Crystal Compound
Crystal Compound uses the spectacular 3D effect of Crystal Fine Rocks, but produces a surface that is entirely smooth and perfectly even.

Crystal Rocks
An all-time favorite, Crystal Rocks and Crystal Fine Rocks truly ‘rock’ every design.

Crystal Grid
Crystal Grid features Crystal Rocks and Crystal Fine Rocks, encapsulating it as either Soft Surface, Hard Surface or Compound.


Crystal Grid – Soft Surface & Crystal Grid – Hard Surface

Lighting Components

Perfection comes with perfect ingredients

The secret to Swarovski’s unrivalled brilliance includes purity of the material, precision cutting, individual quality control, and perfect polishing.

Swarovski offers more than 500 Lighting Components, ranging from classic to contemporary shapes including highly complex cuts. The vibrant assortment is available in 14 standard colors and nine different effects, with customized products available on request.bsw1


The Winter/Holiday Vacation Season is Approaching!

Here is home owners and business owners are using crystal and crystal lighting products to enhance their indoor environments.

Top Three Ways to Use Crystal:

1. Clean Existing Crystal Chandeliers & Lighting Fixtures

2. Add Crystal Lighting to Enhance Room Décor ► Shop Now                      


            3. Repair or Redesign Existing Crystal Lighting Fixtures

Crystal Makes The Perfect Gift

Looking for a christmas gift that wouldn’t leave you asking for a loan?

Take a look at the beautiful selection of crystal gift ideas that are available online for under $30.

Crystal Parts can be great for any arts & crafts project or crystal jewelry making project.

For gift shoppers that are looking for higher end crystal gifts, be sure to look for STRASS Swarovski keychains &

Crystal Made For Decorating

Crystal The Foot

Looking for Crystal Strands? Crystal Garland? Crystal Chain? 

Some crystal garland is made full lead crystal and some crystal garland is made with lead free crystal.

Crystal garland is most commonly made with faceted crystal octagons ranging from 14mm up to 30mm in size.

Crystal octagons can be found in a variety of subtle crystal cuts and crystal colors.



Common Crystal Garland Uses:

  • Crystal Garland is used as a crystal wedding decoration
  • Crystal Garland is used to create crystal wedding centerpieces
  • Crystal Garland is used to create Crystal Wedding Trees
  • Crystal Garland is used as a wedding décor decoration or crystal table decoration
  • Crystal Garland is used to design or redesign crystal chandeliers
  • Crystal Garland is used to adorn and decorate floral arrangements


Learn more about the Crystal that is used to make Crystal Garland 

Browse Crystal Garland Collections 

Crystal Ornaments For The Holidays!

Getting Ready For The Holidays?

Every year millions of people decorate their homes with expensive Christmas lights that produce large electricity bills.

From light strings to LED lights to mini lights to net lights to icicle lights to rope lights there are many ways to decorate with Christmas lights.

When it comes to home interior decoration for the holidays, real sparkle and shine starts with Crystal. This holiday season decorate your home interior with affordable and long lasting Crystal Garland from

Pre-Holiday Season Decorating Ideas

Decorate the Christmas Tree with Crystal Garland

Lightweight lead-free crystal garland is perfect for decorating Christmas trees and is used by many people as a primary decoration because of its cost and sparkle producing benefits.

 Decorate the Home Interior with Crystal Garland

Use Crystal Garland, also known as crystal rope or crystal chain, to decorate and adorn a stairway banister or fireplace mantel. Clear and Colored Crystal garland is versatile and compliments home furnishings and decorations.

 Custom Crystal Garland

Have something special in mind?  Call us and speak with one of our Customer Service Professionals who will work with you to can create anything you have in mind using any one of our 500 plus Crystal elements, including our Strass® Swarovski® Crystal collection.

This holiday season, use crystal to add something special to your holiday decorations, from custom made Crystal Garland to Swarovski Crystal Ornaments,

Holiday Decorations with Hand-made STRASS Swarovski Crystal.

It all starts with a special crystal ornament.

A special crystal ornament starts with STRASS Swarovski crystal

From Crystal Stars to lifelike Crystal Snowflakes, finding a complete selection of handmade, custom designed crystal ornaments is easier than you may think.

Looking for something truly unique…call us and talk with one of our Swarovski Crystal ornament designers who will work with you to create a custom piece using any one of the more than 300 Swarovski Crystal elements on hand.

This holiday season, add something special to your holiday decorations, add a STRASS Swarovski Crystal Ornament.

Using Swarovski Elements to design a sprakling illusion.

Crystals have been used in Feng Shui for a long time, in a variety of ways. One popular method is using Crystal Prisms as suncatcher’s in order to reflect sunlight and spread the sun’s energy throughout your home.
These Austrian made, top of the line crystals are very visually pleasing. Change the mood of your home with some from Swarovski Elements. The Swarovski 8000 Series crystals are used for a variety of projects aside from chandelier’s. They have been used by designers to create beautiful and sparkling illusions.

Like the Oscars Academy Awards, has been using Swarovski Elements crystal to decorate their stage for years. The 2012 Oscars set was beautifully decorated with sparkling Swarovski Elements crystals placed all over. The desinger John Myhre also used over 10,000 Swarovski Elements crystals to lavishly decorate the Governors Ball for the 2012 Oscars Academy Awards.

At CrystalPlace they encourage people to customize their crystal ornaments, garland and jewelry! They currently offer over 1,000 items to work with. Choose your favorite cut’s, color’s and shape’s and create the crystal piece of your dreams. The possibilities are infinite.

See our entire collection here

How to build your own crystal garland.

The most common purpose the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 8000 Series Austrian Crystal are used for is dressing a chandelier. More often than not, the crystal’s are connected and built into strands called “garland”. Here at, our design team creates custom garland for our clients. In this article we would like to teach you how to put together your own crystal garland.


1. First off, measure your chandelier and find out approximately how much garland you will need.

2. Take a look at the entire SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 8000 Series on our website [] and find the crystals which you would like to use. We offer a variety of cuts and colors of crystal to choose from. Using the size of the crystal, determine the approximate amount of crystals that will be needed.

3. Once you have decided on the design and crystals you would like to use, it is time to choose the connectors used to attach the crystals. (Some connectors are not compatible with all crystals. Please contact us with any questions.)

4. Now its time to create! With our easy to use bowtie connectors, building garland is a breeze. (They basically work just like a staple, hooking through the crystal and wrapping back around.)

5. Attach your garland strands to your chandelier and ENJOY!

The many uses of Swarovski Elements Crystals.

Although the Swarovski Elements 8000 Series Crystals are designed as chandelier crystal parts, they are being used for a variety of different uses. The high lead content in Swarovski Elements Crystals give off an impeccable sparkle. Here at we offer the entire Swarovski Elements 8000 Series in every cut and color for all your needs! Here are some uses for the Swarovski Elements Crystals:

1. Crystals have been used in Feng Shui to bring peace and harmony into the home. Fill a vase with Swarovski Elements Crystal, or hang some by a window for a beautiful reflection.

2. Swarovski Elements offers many shapes and cuts that are perfect for jewelry. The 8721 Pear Shape Crystal is a commonly used as pendants on a necklace. Ideally, crystals 38mm and smaller are used, but this just preferance.

3. The 8611 Swarovski Elements Drops crystal is a very beautifully shaped crystal. The elegant shape and hole at the top makes this a perfect crystal to be used on an earing. The Drops have also been used as small accents on more intricate necklaces.

4. The Oscars Academy Awards recently used thousands of Swarovski Elements crystals to beautifully accent the stage. The same idea can be applied to a home. Create a dazzling Swarovski Elements crystal curtain to use instead of a door into your kitchen, or accent the stairway in your home! The possibilities are endless. How will you use Swarovski Elements Austrian Crystal to beautify your home?