Classic Panel

Classic Panel
Real of fantasy dazzle the eyes, Classic Panel alters spatial perception, making rooms wider and more spacious. Highly skilled hands precisely set each individual crystal into place, uniquely transforming walls, stairs and facades.


Honeycomb combines crystal and light in completely new ways. It incorporate 13,500 Swarovski crystals per square meter and is backlit with LEDs, offering soft light and changing color moods.

Decorate and create with Swarovski Crystal

Here are some ideas and products from Swarovski that will allow you to create your unique space, adding that sparkle and shine you can only get from the best.

Crystal Compound
Crystal Compound uses the spectacular 3D effect of Crystal Fine Rocks, but produces a surface that is entirely smooth and perfectly even.

Crystal Rocks
An all-time favorite, Crystal Rocks and Crystal Fine Rocks truly ‘rock’ every design.

Crystal Grid
Crystal Grid features Crystal Rocks and Crystal Fine Rocks, encapsulating it as either Soft Surface, Hard Surface or Compound.


Crystal Grid – Soft Surface & Crystal Grid – Hard Surface


swb1A look beneath the surface

Swarovski presents its latest crystalline sensation: The cutting-edge Crystal Surfaces with unprecedented sparkling effects.

This stunning collection of surface treatments is set to push the boundaries of crystal application within the field of high-end outfitting. It offers limitless and unrivaled crystal interior solutions in terms of quality, diversity and creativity.

Active Panel

Active Panel combines the luminous power of 200,000 crystals per square meter with a back lighting of special LEDs.

Hexagon Panel

Hexagon Panel is an homage to the world-famous honeycomb design that has sparkled on spectacular facades all over the world.


Opening doors to sparkling ideas

The stunning collection of Knobs and Handles designed and crafted by Swarovski shines with an urbane combination of crystal and metal elements, fused together in a sophisticated, timeless, and distinctive design – a fantastic range of elegant pieces that will make every indoor space sparkle.

swb Swarovski Knobs and Handles recommend themselves for a multitude of furniture, bath and wellness applications. All products can be easily incorporated into every spacial concept or adapted to individual customer requests.

Lighting Components

Perfection comes with perfect ingredients

The secret to Swarovski’s unrivalled brilliance includes purity of the material, precision cutting, individual quality control, and perfect polishing.

Swarovski offers more than 500 Lighting Components, ranging from classic to contemporary shapes including highly complex cuts. The vibrant assortment is available in 14 standard colors and nine different effects, with customized products available on request.bsw1


Crystal Strands

Brilliance all along the line

From the silver screen to the Oscar, Crystal Strands from Swarovski have long become a design darling among creative minds throughout the world, as they create an intense and complex look with a simple technique.
A large variety of colors, effects, and shapes is stringed together in trickling, sparkling rows of crystal, providing an endless source of inspiration for spectacular 2D and 3D installations and unmatched space-altering effects.

Enjoy a whole world of design ideas: smart technology allows for countless application possibilities, ranging from small highlights to lavish ornamentation and from subtle light spots to genuine eye-catchers.



How to build your own crystal garland.

The most common purpose the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 8000 Series Austrian Crystal are used for is dressing a chandelier. More often than not, the crystal’s are connected and built into strands called “garland”. Here at, our design team creates custom garland for our clients. In this article we would like to teach you how to put together your own crystal garland.


1. First off, measure your chandelier and find out approximately how much garland you will need.

2. Take a look at the entire SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 8000 Series on our website [] and find the crystals which you would like to use. We offer a variety of cuts and colors of crystal to choose from. Using the size of the crystal, determine the approximate amount of crystals that will be needed.

3. Once you have decided on the design and crystals you would like to use, it is time to choose the connectors used to attach the crystals. (Some connectors are not compatible with all crystals. Please contact us with any questions.)

4. Now its time to create! With our easy to use bowtie connectors, building garland is a breeze. (They basically work just like a staple, hooking through the crystal and wrapping back around.)

5. Attach your garland strands to your chandelier and ENJOY!



When it comes to buying SWAROVSKI Crystal, price is often a major factor.
SWAROVSKI’s line of lead free SPECTRA CRYSTAL is a great option for all types of customers.

From crystal chandelier showrooms to jewelry designers to party planners, SPECTRA SWAROVSKI Crystal is a great crystal option.


Model Shape Size (mm) Color

8290 801 214 Crystal Octagon 14 Clear
8290 855 140 Faceted Crystal Ball 40 Clear
8290 872 138 Faceted Crystal Pear 38 x 22 Clear
8290 890 150 Crystal Pendeloque 50 x35 Clear

SPECTRA SWAROVSKI Crystal is 20 – 30% less in price in comparison to SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

Learn more about SPECTRA CRYSTAL and full lead SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS at, the online source for SWAROVSKI crystal and SWAROVSKI Crystal lighting parts.

To view the SPECTRA SWAROVSKI Crystal product offering and wholesale pricing visit us online at

Custom Swarovski Crystal Ornaments

Swarovski Crystal Ornaments


Made with the finest quality crystal in the world, STRASS Swarovski Crystal ornaments are perfect for all your holiday needs

• Christmas tree decoration
• Holiday gift giving
• Stocking stuffer gifts
•Home decoration


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