Swarovski Crystal Handles


The stunning collection of Knobs and Handles designed and crafted
by Swarovski shines with an urbane combination of crystal and
metal elements, fused together in a sophisticated, timeless, and distinctive
design. As the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality, precision cut
crystals, Swarovski presents a stunning range of elegant pieces
that will make every indoor space sparkle.

Opening doors to perfection, Swarovski Knobs and Handles recommend
themselves for a multitude of furniture, bath and wellness applications.
Customized solutions are available upon request. Our design experts will
be at your service to make your interior design visions come true.sp_l_i_knobs_handles2015_brochurea5_rz_digital_high-4


Lighting Components

Perfection comes with perfect ingredients

The secret to Swarovski’s unrivalled brilliance includes purity of the material, precision cutting, individual quality control, and perfect polishing.

Swarovski offers more than 500 Lighting Components, ranging from classic to contemporary shapes including highly complex cuts. The vibrant assortment is available in 14 standard colors and nine different effects, with customized products available on request.bsw1


Chandelier Repair Made Easy: Crystal Chandelier Parts

A Crystal Chandelier is a big investment for any home owner looking to enhance their home’s value with fine lighting.

The maintenance of a crystal chandelier can include:

    • Replacing broken crystals
    • Replacing broken or tarnished chandelier parts
    • Chandelier Cleaning

Finding the right chandelier parts for a fixture that might be hanging 20 feet above you is not an easy task.

There are many companies online offering crystals, crystal chandelier parts and crystal garland as well as other fine crystal products.

With 100s of crystal chandelier and crystal lighting parts to choose from, it is important to find high quality chandelier parts that will last as long as your fixture. Popular Crystal Chandelier parts include:

  • Crystal Bobeches
  • Crystal Finials
  • Crystal Arms
  • Crystal Columns
  • Light Bulbs
  • Mini Lamp Shades
  • Crystal Links
  • Candle Covers

Redesigning a Crystal Chandelier

How To Redesign a Crystal Chandelier

A Crystal Chandelier can hang in a home for decades and serve as beautiful lighting.

With time the chandelier’s crystal parts and crystals may need to be updated or replaced.


Common Crystal Chandelier Aging

  • Broken or chipped Crystals
  • Crystal discoloration and fading
  • Peeling finishes on Crystal chandelier parts
  • Irremovable chandelier part tarnish

There are a few online sources that sell chandelier parts and replacement crystals. We recommend
CrystalPlace.com, an online source with a great selection and even better pricing for common and uncommon crystals, chandelier crystals and chandelier parts.

How To redesign Your Crystal Chandelier:

Replace the crystals: By changing your old yellow crystals with sparkling radiant clear full lead crystals your chandelier will radiate more light and perform as if it were new. If you are looking for a few crystals for your project the choice is a full lead crystal like Magnificent Crystal.

Add Crystal Accents: Customers can add color coordinated crystal accents and ornaments to an existing crystal chandelier using easy to use. This will add character to an “empty” looking chandelier that may not have a lot of hanging crystals

Replace a complete selection of Crystal Chandelier Parts: Your chandelier likely has three to five different parts that are used in many places through the chandelier: i.e. 6 crystal bobeches that are all the same or 4 crystal arms that are identical. By replacing a set of any one part you will see how the beauty of your chandelier design comes out and becomes accentuated.

How to Clean Your SWAROVSKI Crystals

How to Clean Your SWAROVSKI Crystals

An expensive SWAROVSKI Crystal chandelier can sparkle and radiate light but it needs to be cleaned periodically so that the crystals and delicate chandelier parts can perform at their best.

There is one product that can be trusted to safely clean delicate SWAROVSKI crystal parts and Swarovski crystal chandelier components.

The Brilliante formula is an environmentally safe, ammonia free, chemical free, drip dry formula that is has been formulated to clean crystal and delicate chandelier parts.

Brilliante Crystal Cleaner is used by lighting showroom professionals to clean:

• Chandelier Crystals
• Gold
• Silver
• Chrome
• Brass
• Porcelain

Clean SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Crystal and delicate Swarovski chandelier parts with Brilliante Crystal Cleaner to restore your crystal chandelier to its original showroom luster and shine.

For more information about Brilliante crystal chandelier cleaning products:

To view replacement Swarovski chandelier crystals and Swarovski crystal chandelier parts and components:

How to Make a Swarovski Chandelier

Only three (3) things are needed to transform an existing crystal chandelier into a SWAROVSKI Crystal Chandelier:


2. Crystal Connectors

3. Desire to get it done


BuyCrystalOnline.com is an Authorized Wholesaler of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and offers the complete collection of SWAROVSKI Lighting & Spaces Crystal.

BuyCrystalOnline offers SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystal by the box and can supply you with the crystal connectors you need to redesign your chandelier.

2. Crystal Connectors:

Crystal connectors are available in three different finishes; chrome, gold and antique, as well as many different styles.

3. Desire:

Unconnecting existing chandelier crystals and connecting new SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Crystals is something that can be done by an amateur without chandelier design experience.

Call CrystalPlace today at (818) 789-9826 to learn more about special offers and product promotions or visit us online at www.CrystalPlace.com to view pricing and product selection.