Small Crystals & Beads

Small Crystal and Crystal Beads are versatile and useful for:

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Adding Existing Light

One of the easiest ways of adding light to your home is by cleaning your home Lighting Fixtures and Crystal Chandeliers.

Brilliante Crystal Chandelier Cleaner, make of the Brilliante Power Sprayer has a new product that makes this easy.

Designed specifically for cleaning delicate Crystal Chandeliers and Lighting Fixtures, the Brilliante Chandelier Cleaning formula is non-abrasive, non-corrosive, environmentally safe and ammonia free.

The Power of The Power Sprayer

The Brilliante Power sprayer is the first motorized lighting fixture cleaner. With just one trigger pull the Brilliante Power sprayer releases a controlled continuous spray that effectively removes chandelier dust, dirt and grease that prevents home chandeliers and lighting fixtures from providing light.

Watch the Brilliante Power Sprayer Promotional Video Brilliante Crystal Cleaner


Crystal Made For Decorating

Crystal The Foot

Looking for Crystal Strands? Crystal Garland? Crystal Chain? 

Some crystal garland is made full lead crystal and some crystal garland is made with lead free crystal.

Crystal garland is most commonly made with faceted crystal octagons ranging from 14mm up to 30mm in size.

Crystal octagons can be found in a variety of subtle crystal cuts and crystal colors.



Common Crystal Garland Uses:

  • Crystal Garland is used as a crystal wedding decoration
  • Crystal Garland is used to create crystal wedding centerpieces
  • Crystal Garland is used to create Crystal Wedding Trees
  • Crystal Garland is used as a wedding décor decoration or crystal table decoration
  • Crystal Garland is used to design or redesign crystal chandeliers
  • Crystal Garland is used to adorn and decorate floral arrangements


Learn more about the Crystal that is used to make Crystal Garland 

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Chandelier Repair Made Easy: Crystal Chandelier Parts

A Crystal Chandelier is a big investment for any home owner looking to enhance their home’s value with fine lighting.

The maintenance of a crystal chandelier can include:

    • Replacing broken crystals
    • Replacing broken or tarnished chandelier parts
    • Chandelier Cleaning

Finding the right chandelier parts for a fixture that might be hanging 20 feet above you is not an easy task.

There are many companies online offering crystals, crystal chandelier parts and crystal garland as well as other fine crystal products.

With 100s of crystal chandelier and crystal lighting parts to choose from, it is important to find high quality chandelier parts that will last as long as your fixture. Popular Crystal Chandelier parts include:

  • Crystal Bobeches
  • Crystal Finials
  • Crystal Arms
  • Crystal Columns
  • Light Bulbs
  • Mini Lamp Shades
  • Crystal Links
  • Candle Covers

Crystal Ornaments For The Holidays!

Getting Ready For The Holidays?

Every year millions of people decorate their homes with expensive Christmas lights that produce large electricity bills.

From light strings to LED lights to mini lights to net lights to icicle lights to rope lights there are many ways to decorate with Christmas lights.

When it comes to home interior decoration for the holidays, real sparkle and shine starts with Crystal. This holiday season decorate your home interior with affordable and long lasting Crystal Garland from

Pre-Holiday Season Decorating Ideas

Decorate the Christmas Tree with Crystal Garland

Lightweight lead-free crystal garland is perfect for decorating Christmas trees and is used by many people as a primary decoration because of its cost and sparkle producing benefits.

 Decorate the Home Interior with Crystal Garland

Use Crystal Garland, also known as crystal rope or crystal chain, to decorate and adorn a stairway banister or fireplace mantel. Clear and Colored Crystal garland is versatile and compliments home furnishings and decorations.

 Custom Crystal Garland

Have something special in mind?  Call us and speak with one of our Customer Service Professionals who will work with you to can create anything you have in mind using any one of our 500 plus Crystal elements, including our Strass® Swarovski® Crystal collection.

This holiday season, use crystal to add something special to your holiday decorations, from custom made Crystal Garland to Swarovski Crystal Ornaments,

Holiday Decorations with Hand-made STRASS Swarovski Crystal.

It all starts with a special crystal ornament.

A special crystal ornament starts with STRASS Swarovski crystal

From Crystal Stars to lifelike Crystal Snowflakes, finding a complete selection of handmade, custom designed crystal ornaments is easier than you may think.

Looking for something truly unique…call us and talk with one of our Swarovski Crystal ornament designers who will work with you to create a custom piece using any one of the more than 300 Swarovski Crystal elements on hand.

This holiday season, add something special to your holiday decorations, add a STRASS Swarovski Crystal Ornament.

Crystal Wedding Trees, Crystal Garland, Loose Crystals

Crystal & Weddings:

Crystal Makes Everything Cool

From weddings to private events to parties, crystal is the hottest event decoration.

Use crystal wedding trees as crystal wedding table centerpieces or crystal garland to decorate a wedding chuppah. Crystal is the ultimate wedding decoration or party decoration.

Crystal Wedding Trees: use a crystal wedding tree to display guest seating cards, use small crystal wedding trees as table centerpieces or put a crystal wedding tree next to your food display table as a crystal decoration.

Crystal Garland: adorn a christmas tree with crystal garland, create your own wedding tree or decorate your wedding guest seating. Whether you call it crystal garland, crystal chain, crystal strands or crystal rope, it is the most versatile crystal decoration product.

Loose Crystals: Use crystal to make a crystal table setting, or create custom crystal wedding gifts. Crystal can be used to make crystal ornaments, crystal jewelry or even crystal key chains.

Key Design Tip:

A crystal wedding trees makes a great wedding table centerpiece. Brides can design a crystal wedding tree with crystal garland or crystal strands, the most versatile crystal decoration product.


Redesigning a Crystal Chandelier

How To Redesign a Crystal Chandelier

A Crystal Chandelier can hang in a home for decades and serve as beautiful lighting.

With time the chandelier’s crystal parts and crystals may need to be updated or replaced.


Common Crystal Chandelier Aging

  • Broken or chipped Crystals
  • Crystal discoloration and fading
  • Peeling finishes on Crystal chandelier parts
  • Irremovable chandelier part tarnish

There are a few online sources that sell chandelier parts and replacement crystals. We recommend, an online source with a great selection and even better pricing for common and uncommon crystals, chandelier crystals and chandelier parts.

How To redesign Your Crystal Chandelier:

Replace the crystals: By changing your old yellow crystals with sparkling radiant clear full lead crystals your chandelier will radiate more light and perform as if it were new. If you are looking for a few crystals for your project the choice is a full lead crystal like Magnificent Crystal.

Add Crystal Accents: Customers can add color coordinated crystal accents and ornaments to an existing crystal chandelier using easy to use. This will add character to an “empty” looking chandelier that may not have a lot of hanging crystals

Replace a complete selection of Crystal Chandelier Parts: Your chandelier likely has three to five different parts that are used in many places through the chandelier: i.e. 6 crystal bobeches that are all the same or 4 crystal arms that are identical. By replacing a set of any one part you will see how the beauty of your chandelier design comes out and becomes accentuated.