How to Clean Your SWAROVSKI Crystals

How to Clean Your SWAROVSKI Crystals

An expensive SWAROVSKI Crystal chandelier can sparkle and radiate light but it needs to be cleaned periodically so that the crystals and delicate chandelier parts can perform at their best.

There is one product that can be trusted to safely clean delicate SWAROVSKI crystal parts and Swarovski crystal chandelier components.

The Brilliante formula is an environmentally safe, ammonia free, chemical free, drip dry formula that is has been formulated to clean crystal and delicate chandelier parts.

Brilliante Crystal Cleaner is used by lighting showroom professionals to clean:

• Chandelier Crystals
• Gold
• Silver
• Chrome
• Brass
• Porcelain

Clean SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Crystal and delicate Swarovski chandelier parts with Brilliante Crystal Cleaner to restore your crystal chandelier to its original showroom luster and shine.

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When it comes to buying SWAROVSKI Crystal, price is often a major factor.
SWAROVSKI’s line of lead free SPECTRA CRYSTAL is a great option for all types of customers.

From crystal chandelier showrooms to jewelry designers to party planners, SPECTRA SWAROVSKI Crystal is a great crystal option.


Model Shape Size (mm) Color

8290 801 214 Crystal Octagon 14 Clear
8290 855 140 Faceted Crystal Ball 40 Clear
8290 872 138 Faceted Crystal Pear 38 x 22 Clear
8290 890 150 Crystal Pendeloque 50 x35 Clear

SPECTRA SWAROVSKI Crystal is 20 – 30% less in price in comparison to SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

Learn more about SPECTRA CRYSTAL and full lead SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS at, the online source for SWAROVSKI crystal and SWAROVSKI Crystal lighting parts.

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How to Make a Swarovski Chandelier

Only three (3) things are needed to transform an existing crystal chandelier into a SWAROVSKI Crystal Chandelier:


2. Crystal Connectors

3. Desire to get it done

1. SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Crystal: is an Authorized Wholesaler of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and offers the complete collection of SWAROVSKI Lighting & Spaces Crystal.

BuyCrystalOnline offers SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystal by the box and can supply you with the crystal connectors you need to redesign your chandelier.

2. Crystal Connectors:

Crystal connectors are available in three different finishes; chrome, gold and antique, as well as many different styles.

3. Desire:

Unconnecting existing chandelier crystals and connecting new SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Crystals is something that can be done by an amateur without chandelier design experience.

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